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Culture classroom: 4 top eats in Torbay

Culture classroom: 4 top eats in Torbay

In Torbay, you can find a variety of different restaurants and cafes. That includes international or just extraordinary places. A lot of students here have our favorite places to go to after school or during our lunch breaks.

1. Tasty House

For people who enjoy Asian cuisine, the place to go to is Tasty House. They mainly serve Chinese food and the meals taste authentic and fresh. We like to go there often with friends during lunch break, we either sit in and enjoy the atmosphere or order take away and bring it back to school. Their food is really delicious and according to our Chinese students quite traditional, we also ordered from them when we celebrated Lunar New Year in school.

2. Amici

Another well-known spot, especially for the Italians, is Amici. It the best place in town if you would like to eat Italian food, they are especially known for their amazing original thin pizza with good toppings and for their delicious pasta. If we want to enjoy good Italian food which is not too pricey, that is the place we go to. Also, a lot of people chose to invite their friends and celebrate their birthdays with dinner at Amici ’s. They also give you a “2 for 1 meal” voucher when you spend a certain amount.

3. MaMa’s Dessert Kitchen

The best place in town when it comes to desserts is MaMa’s, they serve amazing food. Starting from hot waffles with vanilla ice cream and raspberries and strawberries over triple chocolate cheesecake to breathtaking ice cream floats. Even though it only opened a couple of months ago it is already well-received by the students and became one of the places everyone wants to go to at least once. It is a bit further up on the prize list with about £6 but it is definitely worth it as you get more than you paid for.

4. Calypso

The probably most frequently visited place is Calypso, it’s a cafe downtown where everyone’s likes to gather after school and on the weekends. During the week it’s often the meetup place after school is out of everyone and they stay there and enjoy their delicious coffees until they have to go home. On weekends a lot of students choose the cafe for studying together with their friends and they enjoy the atmosphere there together.


In this series, we’re gaining some local cultural insights from EF Academy students. On today’s menu – a majorly important element of every destination – the food! 

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