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California: The creative capital of the United States

Did you know that the golden state of creativity earned over four hundred billion dollars last year? The 2018 Otis Report also shows that California’s creative economy generates one and a half million jobs in the creative industries. In fact, the state of California employs more people in the creative industries – including entertainment, fashion, printing and publishing – than any other state in America. These facts underline how art and creativity do more than ignite the imagination, they also contribute positively to America’s economy and communities. But what’s fueling California’s creative economy? Here’s a quite look into what’s creating the buzz…

The movie business

California sunshine is one of the many reasons the movie industry set up shop here in the early 1900s. What better place to make a movie than the golden coast which sees three hundred days per year of sunny weather. Another reason for the move away from the East Coast was Thomas Edison and the many patents he owned to do with motion picture cameras. Edison helped create the Motion Pictures Patents Company (also known as The Trust) which included members such as Eastman Kodak (the largest supplier of film stock). Anyone producing a movie had to go through The Trust and so many filmmakers began to relocate – the South Coast was far enough away that filmmakers could have the freedom to create without Edison watching over them.

Creative education

California knows that creativity and innovation are both key players in this new, global, knowledge economy. It’s because of this that efforts are being made on the south coast to reinvent education – particularly arts education. In 2016, the California arts council received a 7 million dollar increase in general fund support and partnered with the California Department of Education to craft a ‘Blueprint for Creative Schools’. This set of recommendations touches on all aspects of the learning experience and will help create well-rounded curriculums with integrated arts education. California is part of the progressive education movement and is highlighting the importance of the arts in facilitating creativity, divergent thinking and mental well-being.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley in California is known as the innovation hub of the world. Home to thousands of growing start-up companies and big business tech companies alike, California is the social community at the heart of technological trends and industry-specific insights. Scientists, business experts and inventors all convene here to brainstorm and work on the technological advances that will change the way people live all over the world. With this creative boom going on behind closed doors, it’s no wonder California has been dubbed the creative capital of the United States.



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