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Culture classroom: 5 tops eats in Oxford

Culture classroom: 5 tops eats in Oxford

Oxford is surrounded by an international atmosphere that is also reflected in its culture and food. For this reason, you can choose between a wide range of restaurants that sometimes might make it complicated to make a decision that everyone agrees on. In order to prevent a lengthy discussion with your friends that leaves everybody starving, this is a list of five eats that will make everyone happy.

1. Taberu

This Japanese sushi bar and restaurant located in Cowley Road is one of the top Asian restaurants in Oxford. Here you can have a real taste of the oriental cuisine thanks to both elegant sushi, as the Uramaki spider roll, and exquisite main dishes like the chicken Katsudon.

2. Franco Manca

If you prefer to go for some Italian food, you should give a shot to Franco Manca. It is the perfect spot where you can try one of the best pizzas that you will ever find outside of Italy. It also gives you the opportunity to cleanse your palate with a generous portion of tiramisu.

3. Five Guys

When you feel too lazy to go out for a meal, nothing is better than a burger. Through the app of Deliveroo, you can easily order one of the different options that Five Guys offers and personalize it with all the toppings you choose. Not the perfect choice if you are on a diet, but sometimes you have to bend the rules.

4. Bubble tea

In Oxford, you will have to taste the bubble tea at least once. Initially a Taiwanese beverage, it is now offered worldwide in a wide range of formats and flavors. The best two shops are the Formosan Tea Bar and Chatime. Also, in this case, if you feel too lazy for a walk to the city center, you can always have your bubble tea delivered and sip it while you study with your peers.

5. Heavenly dessert

The name does not lie: this is definitively heaven for anyone craving sweets. It is a perfect place to chill with your friends while you all kill the anxieties of a long and strenuous week. The hint is to try the Chocolate brownie explosion: an outstanding chocolate fudge brownie teamed with two glorious scoops of ice cream, whipped cream, and generously doused in Belgian milk chocolate sauce. If you’re also thirsty, add one of their many refreshing frappes and enjoy your diabetes. It might be worth it!


In this series, we’re gaining some local cultural insights from EF Academy students. On today’s menu – a majorly important element of every destination – the food!

Stay tuned for next week when we head to the southwest of England and learn about Torbay’s top eats.