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Running for a reason

Running for a reason

On September 11, EF Academy New York’s Head of School, Dr. Vladimir D. Kuskovski, ran 9.11 miles (14.7 kilometers) with our Activities Director, Bill Roach, and students Kei and Matvey to commemorate 20 years since the tragic events that happened in the US on this day in 2001. The four started their run at 8:30 am and finished around 10:30 am, having run around EF Academy’s quaint county of Westchester and the campus. Dr. Kuskovski and Mr. Roach ran to Westchester’s 9/11 memorial, where they exchanged stories of history, both in the US and other countries they’ve called home in the past.

On their run, they stopped at the 9/11 Memorial in Valhalla, New York at the Kensico Dam. This memorial is supportive of not only Westchester families, but also representative of all those who have given their lives to and been affected by this catastrophe. The memorial has been standing at the dam since September 11, 2005 and had a new piece revealed this year to honor those who gave their lives to save others.

Our students ran throughout campus to honor the day. While neither student is from the US – Kei being from Japan and Matvey being from Russia – they still voluntarily came together to support their US teachers and peers. Events such as these represent the family culture we build at EF Academy; Students or staff may not know exactly what someone has gone through, but they’re always there to show support and lend a hand.

The memorial run ended with a small awards ceremony, where the students awarded Dr. Kuskovski and Bill medals of completion and appreciation. They took a moment at the end to consider the reason for their run, which was to bring awareness to the sacrifice individuals gave, to mourn the loss of everyone affected, and to recognize the massive effect this day had.

Dr. Kuskovski shares, “I am a soldier turned educator. And yes, a short time in the military defined my following decades as an educator, but my soul yearns for peace, for innovation, for working together not against something or somebody but for something.”

We are very grateful for our considerate staff and student body who choose to support important causes. Thank you to Dr. Kuskovski, Mr. Roach, Kei and Matvey for honoring the US on this day of grievance.