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5 reasons we LOVE residence life

5 reasons we LOVE residence life

1. You get to live with your best friends!

You may not start as best friends, after all you may have only just met at the beginning of the school year. However, when  you’re in  the residence it’s hard NOT to become best friends  with those around you, they basically become your home away from home, your second family. There is nothing more comforting than knowing you have that to come home to :). One of our students Sabrine has been here for three years and at the end of every school year there is that moment that makes her feel so sad because some of her best friends in residence are leaving for university,  but the sadness is  soon gone once she realizes that she is going to see them again, as she puts it, ‘they’re my family, I know I’ll see them again because they care about me as much as I care about them’.

2. You’re closer to EVERYTHING!

Once clear benefit of the residence is just how close it is to everything from school to town,  so if you are craving a coffee on the weekend before studying it’s only around a 10 minute walk! Or if  you fancy doing some Saturday morning study, again only around 10 minutes away, plus there are sea views…sea views! You can see the beach from  the  residence and again it’s only around  a 10 minute walk  maybe even less if  you’re feeling  particularly energetic!

3.  You get to take responsibility and become independent

When you live in  the residence, you start to learn to develop those skills that are  needed for every day survival in the real world, you don’t have your parents reminding you to do the basics like wash  your face and brush your teeth, and you don’t have your parents telling you to do your homework. You’re not in the stereotypical home situation. So you soon realize that everything is dependent on how you choose to take control. You are beginning to get prepared for University already – think of how beneficial that is because you don’t have to get used to  doing  things for yourself, and being responsible for yourself because you’ve already had a couple of years practice :).

4. There is always someone to talk to

There is always someone to talk to, you have over 30 other  students to speak to, and  if not, there  are house parents there as well who are always willing and always wanting to be there for you when you need someone. It’s nice to know that you always have someone to confide in, to support you and to help guide you along the way. Thanks House Parents!

5.  House Tutors

There’s always that point when you’re doing homework where you just wish you had a teacher there to maybe clarify the objective of a question, or just to give you that little head start or guidance to get you going. Well in the residence we have teachers who come after school as house tutors for exactly that, to help you when  you need that support. Thank you Teachers!



Students at our international boarding schools make life-long friends, experience the culture of their host country and find their passion in the sports, clubs and activities that inspire them most. Our student life program is powered by their engagement and school spirit.