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Celebrating Valentine’s Day at EF Academy New York and Oxford

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at EF Academy New York and Oxford

On February 14th EF Academy students in New York and Oxford celebrated Valentine’s Day at their respective campuses. In New York, the DECA club hosted a rose sale where students could order roses that were then handed out to their lucky recipients throughout the day. There was also a Valentine’s letter making event, with lots of colored pencils, paper and envelopes so that students could craft their special cards and letters. Watch the video below to see how the rose sale and delivery went!

In Oxford, there was a Valentine’s Day party in the student lounge with a chocolate fountain, snacks, dancing and a photo booth:

We asked our Oxford students what Valentine’s Day means to them, and got some great answers:

Valentine’s Day is a day where I can express what the significant people in my life mean to me.

Valentine’s Day is a day when I feel like I see a lot of lovely couples hanging out together! And this makes me feel really happy.

Valentine’s day is a further opportunity to celebrate love or maybe stop and do something special for your love and important people in your life.

I think Valentine’s Day could be a day that makes people sad as they are not in a relationship. However, I think it is an important by reminder that value the people in our lives because it is easy to forget sometimes. 

Valentine’s Day can be an opportunity for companies to convince us to buy additional things. I think we should remember to value the people in our lives every single day and not buy into trends. 

Valentine’s Day is a day about love in all of its forms. It’s important to remember to celebrate all love in your life – not just romantic love! 

Some people think Valentine’s Day is a corporate gimmick however it is one of the oldest holidays we have! It is an important reminder of love that has occurred since the Roman times. 

I think it is a time to show appreciation for our friends! I think sometimes friends are forgotten and we only think about romantic love! 


At EF Academy we love to celebrate holidays and we are so happy to see that our students had a great time together with their friends on this special day. We encourage our students to take part in clubs on campus and we offer a broad range of clubs so that each student can find clubs that suit their interests. Whether you are interested in sports, arts, business or academics or culture, there’s a club for you with likeminded individuals where you can share your common interest and make new friends.