Study abroad in China

Study abroad in China
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Study abroad in China and discover a unique and ancient culture. Whether you're looking for a 2-month intensive immersion program or an entire year becoming fluent, our Chinese study abroad programs in China can help you reach your goals. You can count on us for a safe and effective study abroad experience in China. Learn more about our programs today!

Hult International Business School

18+ years
Bachelor's, master's, MBAs
Earn a business degree at Hult, an independent award-winning business school with campuses around the world.
Destination: China
City: Shanghai

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Study abroad in China

When you study abroad in China, you will familiarize yourself with Chinese culture and social norms. Our Chinese courses focus as much on the social and idiomatic elements of speaking Chinese as they do on pronunciation, oral comprehension, and writing. But it's outside class that you'll really be learning the most. Studying abroad in China is all about cultural discovery and personal growth. We've been working in China for decades and are well-known thanks to our network of language schools across the country. When you decide to study abroad in China, our personal touch will put all your mind at ease.

Taking time in China

When deciding how long to study abroad in China, take into account your current level of Chinese and the level you'd like to reach. A short, intensive course may be enough if you just want to brush up your skills or learn some basic Chinese for tourism. You'll want to study in China longer f you're considering work or higher education in China, for which you'll need near-native fluency. On medium-length stays, you can expect to make measurable progress using Chinese every day. However long you decide to study abroad in China, you'll find that you gain in confidence as a Chinese speaker with each passing day.