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Virtual tours of Europe: Experience 6 of our destinations online

Virtual tours of Europe: Experience 6 of our destinations online

Sitting at home can be frustrating, especially knowing how many fantastic sights in Europe are waiting to be discovered. Thankfully, staying home doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on Europe’s finest landscapes and cultural highlights entirely. Many countries and cities offer creative ways to explore some of their best experiences online, to pass the time until you can visit them in person. Anticipation is the greatest pleasure after all!

Here are a few European cities you can get to know with virtual tours and events:

1. London

The UK’s diverse capital is a must-see for anyone – as are its many online offers. Famous sights such as Buckingham Palace or the Houses of Parliament have opened their virtual doors to the public. You can also take a closer look at renowned landmarks by clicking where you want to go from the top of the London Eye. On these tours, you get to see majestic London attractions for free from the comfort of your sofa. You even have a major advantage: Thanks to these 360° views you get to see Big Ben before it was covered in scaffolding for renovation works.

If you’re looking for weekend activities, why not see what London’s events scene has in store? Watch one of the National Theatre’s live streamed plays or find other events for your daily dose of London.

2. Paris

You’ve always wanted to stand on top of the elegant iron structure that is the Eiffel Tower and overlook the French capital in all of its glory? Thanks to Google Maps’ street view, the magnificent vistas come straight to your living room, creating an experience that even those with a fear of heights can enjoy.

Dreaming of getting a glimpse into the glamorous day-to-day activities of the French? Get a taste of France’s culture by watching the regular shows La Comédie-Française are putting on – also a brilliant way of practicing your French. You also have the possibility of touring the Musée d’Orsay for some exquisite art from the 19th and 20th century.

3. Berlin

Berlin is one of Germany’s cultural hubs with a broad range of shows, events and places for a great night out. Thankfully, you don’t have to miss out on the countless opportunities for an entertaining evening. The popular Schaubühne theater has created an online program with daily performances to pass the time.

Starting at 6pm every evening, you can catch different contributions and bring a piece of Berlin’s culture to your home. Some of them don’t have subtitles, so in addition to being entertained, you’ll also practice German and feel like you’ve spent your time productively. Truly a treat and a welcome change from trying to find new Netflix shows to binge!

Hands up if you miss a good night out with friends! Well, you’re not alone. Luckily, Berlin’s club scene decided to do something to combat the lack of dance parties in our homes. Thanks to virtual club nights, you get to listen to exclusive DJ sets and get those feet moving. A great way to pass the time, it gives us a unique chance for a party with the whole family (but perhaps keep the volume on the lower side while you’re bopping away – let’s keep the peace between neighbors!)

4. Rome

Living “La bella vita” in Italy’s gorgeous capital might have to wait, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good impression of what the city’s narrow alleys look like. The Prowalk Tours Youtube channel has uploaded an HD virtual walking tour. Over five (yes – five!) hours you get to go on an incredible walk and experience Rome’s sounds and visuals as realistically as possible from the comfort of your own four walls. You learn facts about ancient ruins while virtually meandering through picturesque cobbled streets and seeing sights like the famous Colosseum up close.

If you want to immerse yourself in the culture of the city, you can also visit the Musei Vaticani online and get a 360° view of the Sistine Chapel among other impressive sections that will teleport you to some of Rome’s most prestigious, history-filled rooms.

5. Dublin

Spending time in Dublin always promises plenty of craic (or fun, if you’re not familiar with Irish slang). While you’re waiting for your next trip to the city that gracefully combines historic neighborhoods like Temple Bar with new builds of the harbor area, you can get a first impression of what to expect online.

On Virtual Visit Tours you get to do some of the things on your bucket list, like stroll across the river Liffey via Ha’penny Bridge, peek into the iconic Guinness Storehouse and admire the famous St. Patrick’s Church. You love a quiz night in an atmospheric pub? Dublin’s got you covered with a virtual quiz that you and your friends can participate in – fun guaranteed!

If you want to recreate a proper Ireland trip, an excursion to the stunning coasts of the Green Island should definitely be included in your itinerary. The Cliffs of Moher in West Ireland are an absolute top tip for every traveler’s list, offering one of the most breathtaking  views in Europe. The steep rock formations rising above the roaring waves of the Atlantic are normally a three-hour drive away from Dublin – and online only a click away from your sofa.

6. Barcelona

For your daily dose of summer vibes, you can also check out some of Barcelona’s highlights. While the city offers ticketed events as well, this website contains plenty of free 360° experiences of the tourist attractions.

Stand on the beaches and take in views of the sparkling sea, enjoy overlooking the sunny city’s rooftops from Parc Güell or crane your virtual neck to look up at the spires of La Sagrada Família, undoubtedly among the most famous sights in Barcelona and Europe.

All of these are great ways to not only pass the time, but to actually start planning where you want to go next. Maybe start a list of cities you’d like to visit or research your dream places – may we meet there again very soon!

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