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My study abroad: Salah – London

My study abroad: Salah – London

“I am a qualified lawyer and as an Arabic native speaker, I am here in EF in order to prepare for my IELTS exam.”

“At EF, we are preparing our reading, early speaking, and writing in order to be able to have good marks in this IELTS exam. I do believe that those are the components of the exam that will allow me to prove that my use of English is good.”

At 26, Salah was a qualified lawyer in Algeria. After putting in years of hard work, he wanted to ensure he could help his clients in multiple languages and have the flexibility to practice law in different countries. As a native Arabic speaker, he chose to study English and came to EF to gain the skills necessary for his proficiency exams. He was able to work on the reading, writing, and conversational skills he needed to succeed in the IELTS exam. With the exam preparation course, he had the ability to work on any weaknesses he had in his skills and was able to connect with fellow students who were trying to study the same thing.

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