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Road trip essentials (Don’t hit the road without us)

Road trip essentials (Don’t hit the road without us)

If there’s one thing that the Land of the Free does best after doughnuts and bulk sizes, it’s road trips. From the world’s largest ketchup bottle to french toast at a roadside diner – the authentic American experience begins with a journey across its highways. But don’t start your engine without these five essentials:

1. Tunes

There’s nothing more liberating than rolling down the windows and getting jiggy to a good playlist. JT’s Summer Love and all things Taylor Swift are some personal favorites.

2. Junk food

No road trip is complete without a Slim Jim, Peanut Butter M&M’s and a Blue Raspberry Slushie. For the best treats, make your pit stop at a gas station.

3. Books

Let’s face it, eventually the boredom will take over and you’ll want to ask Are we there yet?! Before you do, crack open a good read. Your driver will love you forever.

4. Maps (the old-fashioned kind)

Every road trip pro knows that technology will probably fail – especially if you’re in the middle of nowhere. But fear not, that Road Atlas crumpled under the seat wants to be your best friend.

5. A blanket

First of all, you don’t ever want to miss a good picnicking opportunity. And it’s inevitable that there will be differing opinions regarding the car’s air temperature – come prepared.

Now pump up the jams and pass the Cheetos. You’re ready for the rubber to meet the road!

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