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9 of the best destinations to enjoy both city and nature
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So here’s your travel dilemma: you want to visit a new city because you’re searching for the exhilar...

10 things you should know before moving to Malta
min read min

Wanderlust starting to chip away at you? If you’ve been dreaming of a longer trip to a place where t...

10 hidden gems in Malta
min read min

From finding secret beaches on which to enjoy Malta’s stunningly clear waters to knowing the best pl...

10 reasons why you should spend the summer in Malta
min read min

With 7000 years of history and an 8-month long summer season, Malta is a unique, always-sunny island...

My study abroad: Roosa and Erika – Malta
2 min read 2 min

“When we went there, we didn’t know each other and then we became really close friends… It was so ni...

10 reasons to love Malta
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It’s impossible not to love Malta. There’s year-round sun, more beautiful beaches than your little h...

The 10 best beaches in Malta
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Bajja is the Maltese word for beach, and if you plan to be in Malta between April and October, you w...

10 things to eat in Malta
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Malta is way more than just a speck in the Mediterranean Sea – it’s a heavenly island full of beauti...

Forever summer: Malta infographic
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Malta has it all: Never-ending sunshine, gorgeous beaches and crystal clear waters – what more could...

Malta magic: 5 must-visit spots
3 min read 3 min

Malta is all about sun, sand, lovely restaurants and did we mention sun? In the summer it can get a ...