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10 hidden gems in Munich

10 hidden gems in Munich

The German city of Munich may be best known for beer-tents, pretzels and traditional ‘’lederhosen,” but the city has far more to offer than just its annual Oktoberfest. Go beyond the tourist trail, get the full experience as if you were living or studying in Munich with our top 10 hidden gems in the Bavarian capital.

1. Retreat to the Rosengarten

Located near the river Isar, this manicured city park is home to over 8,500 roses and is a truly magical place to stroll or lounge amongst the picture-perfect grounds. After enjoying the Rosengarten, walk along the banks of the Isar or take a dip in some of the many local swimming spots. 

2. Midnight Bazar & street food market

If you love flea markets but don’t like waking up at the crack of dawn to be there before all the good stuff is gone, this midnight flea market is perfect for night owls. From vintage clothing and old music records to yummy food and even live music — this popular midnight bazaar in Munich offers everything your heart desires. It takes place Saturday nights from 5 pm until midnight and tickets start at 3 Euros for visitors. 

3. Art experiences at the Bahnwährterthiel

Get inspired by the avant-garde art and graffiti-covered vintage tram cars at Bahnwährterthiel, where hundreds of artists have connected in an art and culture collective that continues to be a playground for the creative minds of the city. Live music, flea markets, book readings, poetry and dance offer a full program of art and treasures to enjoy throughout the year. 

4. Lion Statues at the Residenz Museum and Castle

Are you in need of some extra good luck? The citizens of Munich believe that rubbing the nose of one of the lion statues outside of the Munich Residenz blesses you with wealth and good fortune. You can find four lions to choose from guarding the Residenz on Odeonsplatz.

5. Traditional Bavarian food with a modern twist

"Servus Heidi” showcases the time-honored Bavarian traditional fare of pretzels, bratwurst and sauerkraut — while also incorporating a modern perspective through innovative plant-based alternatives. It’s the best of both worlds for meat eaters and vegans alike. 

6. Insta-worthy views inside Munich Justizpalast

While visits to courthouses and administrative buildings may sound a little dull at first, the Justizpalast in Munich is far from it. This impressive building was constructed in the late 1800s by the architect Friedrich von Thiersch in the Neo-Baroque style and offers architectural gems like ornate staircases, colorful tile walkways, and a glass-domed ceiling. It’s beautiful to admire in person and serves as the perfect background for elegant and original Instagram posts.

7. Inside the towering Statue of Bavaria

Even older than the Statue of Liberty, Munich’s famed Statue of Bavaria is a 19th Century bronze figure of a woman with a lion sitting next to her. What people don’t often know is that for 5 Euros, you can climb up stairs inside the 18-meter high statue for an amazing view of the Theresenwiese park.

8. Surfing at Eisbachwelle

No coastline? No problem! Surfers can still catch some waves in the center of Munich. The Eisbachwelle at the entrance to the Englischen Garten is a spot along the Isla River considered to be the world’s largest and best river wave in the middle of a city. Surfers have been “hanging ten” at the Eisbachwelle for more than 40 years so give it a try or admire the bravery of those that do!

9. Katzentempel cat cafe

Two wonderful things come together in this charming restaurant called Katzentempel (or Cat Temple in English): good food and cute cats!  With their vegan menu and collaboration with multiple animal welfare organizations, the restaurant is strongly committed to sustainability and animal welfare. 

 10. Strolling in Haidhausen

Considered the ‘French Quarter’ of Munich, this lively neighborhood is celebrated for its dense streets of shops, cafes and parks. It shares a city partnership with Bordeaux, France and is celebrated for its savoir-vivre, the French art of living. Spend some time strolling along the main avenues and side streets, stopping along the way for a coffee or lunch while popping in and out of the small independent boutiques of the area.

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