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Hidden Gems, London edition: Kyoto Garden in Holland Park

Hidden Gems, London edition: Kyoto Garden in Holland Park

My hidden gem is not so hidden anymore, since it’s about to go viral through this blog. But sharing is caring, right?

I stumbled upon the Kyoto Garden in Holland Park recently after reading about it in my colleague’s “Sort-of-secret London” blog post and fell in love. Although London is full of great parks and awesome open spaces, this little Japanese gem in the middle of West London – just a stone’s throw away from the shops and restaurants of High Street Kensington and Westfield Mall – provides something those big parks don’t: a bit of whimsical wonder (it really doesn’t feel like you’re in London anymore!) and a welcome dose of peace and quiet.

Instead of plopping yourself on a blanket or kicking around a ball, this park is perfect for a quiet stroll with a good friend, or a meditation session by the lovely fish pond. The garden is especially lovely in the spring when all the beautiful cherry trees are in bloom.

A few fun facts about this park-within-a-park: It was designed by a famous Japanese garden designer, and built as a token of friendship by the Chamber of Commerce of Kyoto in 1992. The Garden is open, just like Holland Park itself, from 7.30AM to half an hour before dusk, and can be found nestled more or less in the center of the park.

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