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EF Stories: Xinyi from Hong Kong at EF Singapore

From not wanting to go at the beginning to the reluctance to leave at the end of her studying abroad, Xinyi will positively start her university life in Singapore after half a year's language course there.
EF Stories: Xinyi from Hong Kong at EF Singapore

"On contrary to many, I didn't have a big intention to studying abroad before. It was more my parent's arrangement so I could prepare well for a university life. I wasn't part of the decision maker. As a high school student I was supposed to get ready for the public examinations, meanwhile enjoying the beauty of life at the best age. And all of sudden I was told to go to a language course overseas, so I kind of felt sad and resistant."

Setting off with a not-so-positive mood, Xinyi admitted that she had no expectations at all for studying abroad in Singapore. But as time passed by, Xinyi fell in love with Singapore from the bottom of her heart. Compared with the fast pace and boring study life in Hong Kong, Singaporeans are more humane and their lives are more colorful. The teachers and staff at EF Singapore school are enthusiastic and friendly. Especially the teachers of IELTS class were very patient and took the initiative to spend extra time to make up lessons for the students. The overall learning atmosphere made Xinyi more active in learning and more confident in communicating in English.

The best thing about EF campus was that there were students from different countries. "There were surprisingly many Europeans in EF Singapore. I've made friends from France, and it allowed me to learn a lot of European culture in an Asia country." In addition, Xinyi was gradually influenced by the positive attitude of her friends, and became more optimistic and positive. Compared to the past, when she just followed the path arranged by her father, Xinyi has become a more thoughtful and independent person during these six months of studying in Singapore.

Although half a year of studying abroad had come to an end, her university life was just about to begin. "Life in the Singapore university ahead is no longer a drudgery or a mere arrangement by my father. It is also the path I really want to take."

Would you want to take a step out of your comfort zone and see the unknown beautiful world?

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