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EF Stories: Federico from Italy at EF Manchester

We asked our students to share their experiences: What did they enjoy most about their time abroad? Which activities did they take part in? What advice do they have for those who are about to embark on a similar journey? Here's what they shared with us!
EF Stories: Federico from Italy at EF Manchester

Federico, an EF Ambassador since 2022, shared his summer experience in Manchester with EF!

Tell us about your experience with EF. Where did you go and when?

During this past summer, specifically in the second and third weeks of August, I embarked on a two-week language course in Manchester. My primary objective was to enhance my English language skills, so I opted for an individual departure. As for the course type, I chose the General course, which entailed 26 hours of lessons per week. It seemed to be the most suitable option to meet my language learning needs.

At the school, I had the pleasure of encountering exceptionally competent and friendly teachers who made my experience truly memorable. I had the opportunity to spend time with them outside of class hours, such as during lunch breaks and other recreational moments in the classrooms.

What are the top three aspects of your experience that you enjoyed the most?

I chose Manchester as my destination because, for my first experience abroad with EF, I preferred to stay relatively close rather than going overseas. Looking back, I would choose Manchester again without hesitation. One of the highlights for me was the captivating contrast between the historic, quintessentially English buildings and the modern skyscrapers scattered throughout the city.

As a passionate soccer enthusiast, I had the incredible opportunity to visit Manchester United's stadium, Old Trafford, through a guided tour organized by EF. It was an unforgettable experience. While I only saw Manchester City's stadium from the outside, I also had the chance, on an organized day trip, to visit Liverpool's stadium.

Another aspect of the city that I cherished was the delightful blend of diverse cultures. These cultures harmoniously coexisted, preserving and showcasing their unique traditions and products to tourists in restaurants, shops, and various establishments.

What activities did you engage in with other students during your time in Manchester?

I had the chance to participate in a variety of activities, some organized by EF, such as the guided tour of Old Trafford, and others that we, the students, organized ourselves, like the day trip to Liverpool. Additionally, apart from seeing each other at school every day, we spent our afternoons together, had dinners as a group, and even ventured out to watch the sunrise together in the morning. In essence, there was never a shortage of opportunities to bond and share new experiences.

Could you share the most memorable and intense moment you encountered during your weeks in the UK?

There were many intense and beautiful moments each day, but perhaps the most striking one was on the very first day. In the morning, EF arranged a gathering for all the new students at a typical English pub. They provided us with information about the school, explained various rules, and gave us a tour of the school itself. Following that, we embarked on a city tour of Manchester together, during which we explored its most significant and distinctive landmarks. As we walked from one place to another, there was a continuous opportunity to converse with fellow students, leading to the formation of new friendships. To cap off this memorable day, we students decided to dine together, and it was a heartwarming experience to feel so welcomed and connected right from the first day.

How did this experience impact you?

Even though I only stayed for two weeks, this experience had a significant impact on my language skills. I had constant opportunities to engage in conversations with fellow students and local residents, which helped me improve my language abilities. Additionally, I found myself becoming more open to connecting with people, and I had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful individuals during my vacation.

What advice would you offer someone considering going abroad with EF?

It's perfectly normal to feel a bit uncertain before embarking on such a journey. However, I had a fantastic experience with EF, particularly in Manchester. They were efficient and had remarkably quick response times, which always made me feel more at ease. I can confidently say that a study vacation like this has the potential to bring about significant personal changes. It encouraged me to open up mentally, acquire new knowledge, and form connections with numerous individuals.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this kind of experience to anyone who wishes to explore a completely different culture, one with distinct lifestyles and ways of thinking compared to our own country.

Do you believe you've acquired skills that would be beneficial for your future career?

Absolutely, starting with English as a fundamental skill for the type of work I aspire to do. Additionally, being more open and adaptable to new environments and circumstances can be a significant asset in the professional world.

If you could hop on a plane right now, where would you choose as your EF destination?

At this moment, I would love to explore the United States, particularly Miami or Los Angeles. However, I'm also quite curious about other cities in England. Lastly, I have a strong desire to visit Cape Town in South Africa.

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