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EF Stories: Claudia from Austria in EF Dublin

Claudia spent two weeks in Dublin with EF and tells us all about her experiences during her EF trip here.
EF Stories: Claudia from Austria in EF Dublin

I chose EF because I had heard good things about them from many people and because I found their language travel program to be the most attractive in comparison to other language travel programs. I was very satisfied with the booking of my trip. I was in contact with EF staff via email and they always gave me quick and detailed answers when I had a question.

I also found the journey to Dublin very pleasant. At the airport I already met a very good friend, with whom I met again and again in the course of the next two weeks. At the airport in Dublin, we were immediately met by a very cheerful, enthusiastic EF staff member, with whom we played a fun game to bridge the waiting time until our bus arrived.

My Austrian course leader was always in a good mood and always had an open ear for me if I had any questions or concerns. I also got along very well with my Irish activity leader. She was an extremely cheerful person who was very interested in us and always did her best to make our stay unforgettable.

I also made a lot of new friends in Dublin, two of them were from Austria. I'm still in contact with them today and met up with them since our stay in Dublin. Otherwise, I got along very well with the Spaniards. They were always happy when they saw me and greeted me in a friendly way. I am very happy that I had this experience and that I was able to get to know new cultures and make new friends.

My host family was the best you can imagine. They really treated me as if I were one of their children, were always happy when they saw me, talked to me a lot and always asked me how my day was and how I was doing. Another highlight was the children of my host family. They were about my age and were always very curious and wanted to know what it was like in my home country. Over the course of my time in Dublin, we became very good friends and are still in contact. I am so glad that I met these two friends through EF!

After the first few days, I received my personal schedule, on which all my excursions and activities were listed. Thanks to this schedule, I could always look forward to future excursions and I always knew approximately what my week would look like. During the week, we had classes either in the morning or in the afternoon, depending on how the rest of our activities were scheduled. I liked the lessons very much. It was always very varied and fun, but I also learned a lot of new things that will definitely help me in the future. I'm glad that I chose an international course, because that way we really only spoke English the whole time during class and also got to know other cultures.

Otherwise, we explored Dublin during the day, such as looking at the city from above on the breathtaking roof of Croke Park or learning more about the history of the city at Dublinia another time. On the weekends, we went on exciting day trips that I will remember for a long time. I liked the trips to Glendalough and the Cliffs of Moher best. There I went hiking with my new friends and got to know the stunning landscape of Ireland even better.

In conclusion, I would like to say that my language trip to Dublin was an unforgettable experience that I can only recommend to everyone. I will never forget the memories and experiences I had there and will always look back with joy on the wonderful time I had there.

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