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EF Stories: Camilla from Sweden at EF Munich

Camilla studied at the university but felt academically weary and needed a change. She therefore chose to go to Munich with EF to study German. However, studying abroad was not an obvious choice.
EF Stories: Camilla from Sweden at EF Munich

Hi Camilla, where are you in the world right now?

Hello! I am currently in Munich, specifically chilling on the bed at my host family's home.

Why did you choose to study German in Munich with EF?

There were various factors that led me to this decision. Back home in Sweden, I was studying at university and felt so tired of the routine. I needed a change and to "get away." Out of the blue, I got the idea to go to Germany and revive my old school German. However, studying abroad during the pandemic was not an obvious decision, and the fear of a second wave was lurking. But EF helped a lot by continuously updating the situation, and they allowed more time for cancellations as things could still change and were uncertain. My journey here might not have been the most typical one, but today, I am SO glad I am here!

How do you find Munich compared to Sweden?

In many ways, daily life is quite similar, yet also different from my life in Sweden. One thing that surprised me was how natural it felt to be here. I had built up an image in my head that everything abroad is more dangerous, uncertain, and generally scary. But that's not the case! Life goes on – it just looks a bit different.

How is student life at the school?

We go to beer gardens, hang out in parks, and eat at restaurants. Occasionally, we do more “touristy things” like visiting museums or going on excursions. Munich's central location in Europe is a great advantage. An hour by train can take you to the Alps for a day hike. With a few more hours, you can reach Austria, Italy, and several other countries. There's so much to explore!

Are you staying with a host family or on campus?

I'm staying with a host family, alongside two other EF students: one girl from Belgium and another from Switzerland. My host family consists of a “host mom,” a retired woman whose children have moved out and enjoys looking after us students. She's very kind and great for practicing my German since she barely speaks any English. I live a bit outside the city, but I'm close to both a river and lakes, which is nice in the late summer.

How is it living with a host family?

It's largely what you make of it! Some days, I'm out adventuring in the city and don't eat at home – so I barely see my host mom. On other evenings, I've had longer dinners with her and the other students I live with. What I appreciate about living with a host family is the preparedness and care. I didn't need to think about shopping, cooking, or sorting things out when I first arrived in Munich – I could focus more on settling into routines, getting to know the city, and other students. Living in a “real home” also adds a genuine homely feel, which I value. I have a small room with a bed, desk, and wardrobe, and we share the living areas and bathroom.

What would you say to students who want to study abroad but are hesitant?

Do it!!! I understand the apprehension of studying abroad, but once I arrived, my first thought was, "Oh, is it business as usual here too?". As much as it's become routine at home to deal with life, it'll be the same in your new city.

What's the best part about studying abroad with EF?

Definitely getting to know new people and learning all about each other's cultures!

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