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10 best vegan cities in the world

10 best vegan cities in the world

One of the best parts of traveling is trying new food. It's the perfect way to explore a new culture — whether it’s sweet or savory, a full meal, street food, or a snack. In the last decade, the popularity of vegan food has exploded, meaning it’s so much easier to be a foodie and keep an eye on your impact on the planet.

Meat-free is a great step towards cruelty-free, and vegan diets can also be more sustainable. Growing plants uses less land, resources, and water than meat or dairy farming. That means many plant-based options have much lower carbon footprints and environmental impact. 

In many parts of the world, a vegetarian or vegan diet has been part of the culture for centuries (so you know they’re going to do it well). And, with vegan food becoming oh-so-deliciously mainstream everywhere else too, there has never been a better time to eat plant-based as you travel. Here are some of our top cities to be vegan. 

1. London, UK

This bustling food-loving city has more vegan-friendly restaurants than any other city in the world (over 400!), including several with Michelin stars. But there's no need to shell out for a fantastic vegan option in London. Even Greggs, the budget-friendly bakery chain you’ll find on every high street, do delicious vegan sausage rolls.

2. Berlin, Germany

For a city that’s still mainly known for sausage and schnitzel, Berlin caters spectacularly well to vegan and vegetarian customers. Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, and Neukölln districts have popular vegan hotspots, and the city hosts a huge vegan festival every year called Veganes Sommerfest Berlin.

3. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver has long held a great reputation for its vegan foodie scene. Here you’ll find restaurants that celebrate vegetables alongside those that serve up some of the best meat alternatives on the market. So, you can tuck into a hearty burger that looks, tastes, and feels like beef, before walking to the nearest dairy-free ice-cream parlor for a vegan sweet treat.

4. Mumbai, India

Vegans, you can feel right at home in Mumbai where the world’s biggest vegetarian community means there's no shortage of plant-based delights. Brimming with wonderful flavors and fresh produce there’s no better place to try out sizzling veg skewers, lentil dals, and traditional curries. If you’re keen to go all in, this city has no shortage of world-class restaurants with modern and contemporary vegan menus.

5. Tokyo, Japan

A must-visit for foodies, Tokyo does not disappoint when you’re after delectable vegan food. Devour vegetable sushi with pickled and fermented toppings, veg-stuffed gyoza dumplings, filled rice balls wrapped in nori, and spicy ramen noodles. A word of advice: many popular Japanese dishes are made with fish sauce, so ask the restaurant owner about their vegan options or research places to eat in advance. 

6. Sydney, Australia

Australia scores highly on the global meat-free charts — over 12% of Australians are vegetarian, citing the environment as a key reason why. So, it’s no surprise that many of the major cities down under have plant-based restaurants and cafes on every corner. Sydney has endless options to choose from, as well as the monthly Sydney Vegan Market, which celebrates small businesses producing vegan treats.

7. Brighton, UK

On England’s southern coast, the traditional favorite dish of beach-goers fish and chips might have to watch its back. Brighton is known for having a big environmentally conscious community, so it’s no surprise that it is also one of the best places in the UK to find a huge range of independent vegan restaurants.

8. Bangkok, Thailand

In parts of Southeast Asia that have historically had large Buddhist populations, you know the vegetarian and vegan scene is going to be great. In Bangkok, you’ll find world-class modern vegan restaurants, bougie cafes with plant-based bowls, and hot noodle dishes with fresh veg and sesame on street corners. The same word of warning as in Japan applies here: keep an eye out for fish sauce.

9. San Diego, US

California has several cities that are great for vegan dining Los Angeles boasts loads of plant-based options, but in recent years San Diego’s culinary scene has been getting a fair bit of attention. Here you can enjoy vegan cheese-topped pizzas, colorful veggie bowls, and food trucks dishing up meat-free Mexican food. You can even snack on a bagel at a plant-based cafe overlooking the beach.

10.  Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam has always been a bastion of vegan culture. With a surprisingly high density of plant-based establishments in such a compact city center, that isn’t going to change any time soon. Beyond the cafes and eateries, Amsterdam also has grocery and zero-waste whole food stores. These are filled with vegan options, making it a great place to live as a vegan, not just visit.

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