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A Swiss gal, born and raised in London, I left behind the bustle of the city and returned to the land of skis and cheese. Usually somewhere buying near-obscene amounts of lipstick or (very subtly) stalking neighborhood dogs. Say hi @sonjost.

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10 best cities in the world for vegetarians (and open-minded foodies)
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With more and more people moving away from meat consumption for both ethical and environmental reaso...

10 reasons to love Oxford
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Renowned for its world-class university and steeped in British culture and history, Oxford is a city...

10 reasons to love Honolulu
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Replete with tradition and culture, Honolulu has long been a bucket-list-pick for people around the ...

10 steps to getting into a top UK university
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The UK is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, making it a popular choice...

10 reasons to love Washington D.C.
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When someone mentions Washington D.C., its political status is often the first thing that comes to m...

10 reasons to love Berlin
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Unquestionably one of the coolest cities in the world, Berlin has a lot more to offer than just beer...

10 reasons to love Cambridge
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Best known for its legendary university, Cambridge is one of the most famous cities in merry England...

The 8 best spring traditions around the world
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As spring surfaces to drive out the last gloomy traces of winter, we can finally start to look forwa...

The top 10 must-see sights in Sydney
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If you fancy a trip Down Under, why not start with Australia’s second biggest city? Sydney  is brimm...

More parents want their children to study abroad – here’s why
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With the rise of the global economy, it’s unsurprising that students are increasingly keen to study,...