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A Swiss gal, born and raised in London, I left behind the bustle of the city and returned to the land of skis and cheese. Usually somewhere buying near-obscene amounts of lipstick or (very subtly) stalking neighborhood dogs. Say hi @sonjost.

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11 bits of WhatsApp slang you need to master today
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In the soulful words of Bob Dylan, the times they are a-changin’. Gone are the days of carefully cra...

5 reasons to learn a new language this spring
min read min

Spring brings plenty of change with it – blossoming flowers, baby animals, and the first rays of sun...

10 English slang terms you need to know in 2021
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Last year’s slang? Forget it. It’s gone – tragic. I’ve taken a humble pledge to keep you up-to-date ...

The 10 most popular GO articles you should have read in 2020
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It goes without saying that this year wasn’t what any of us expected. However, though strange and un...

10 English slang terms you need to know in 2020
min read min

With a new year comes a whole host of novel, oft-perplexing slang terms. Just as quickly as they fly...

The 10 most popular GO articles you should have read this year
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It’s been another big year here on the EF GO blog. With so many terrific contributing authors from a...

EF Hosts: Russell and Shemane’s story
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Every year, thousands of EF Hosts open their homes to students from around the world. Meet Russell a...

5 types of people you’ll meet on a plane – and how to get along with them all
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They say it’s about the journey, not the destination, but anyone who’s ever been on a long-haul plan...

10 reasons to love Nice
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Often overshadowed by Monaco’s elegance and St. Tropez’s glamour, Nice is due more credit than it is...

How to cheek-kiss – a quick guide
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The cheek-kiss dilemma is one you’re likely to encounter at some point in your life, especially if y...

English slang terms you need to know in 2019
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Few things move quite as quickly as slang – no sooner have you mastered the newest term, than you’re...

10 reasons to love Singapore
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For many, Singapore evokes visions a busy skyline and spotless streets. Whilst those ring true, ther...