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Around the world in waves: 5 surf spots we love

Around the world in waves: 5 surf spots we love

From Costa Rica to Sydney and countless beautiful beaches in between, stretches of endless sand and wonderful waves invite those looking for an adrenaline rush to dip in, paddle out and surf the big bad seas.

While the world is full of amazing surf spots, with anything from small waves suitable for beginners, to giant waves that would scare off all but the most experienced riders, a few stunning spots clearly stand out.

And what makes a surfing destination tick all those boxes? Ask any surfer and they’ll likely give you a version of this: empty beaches, solid waves, laid back people and a good food spot or two.

Our Top 5:

1. Costa Rica

Endless beaches, two oceans, gentle waves and a little Latin flavor… this is a perennial favorite with beginners and pros alike.

2. Sydney

Beautiful beaches a stone’s throw away from one of the world’s coolest cities, with conditions suitable for all levels. Plus no one does the laid-back surfer thing quite like the Aussies.

3. San Diego

California, beaches and sunshine – need we say more? The birthplace of modern surfer culture, with an almost endless selection of beautiful, wild beaches. Cool people and delicious food are just a bonus.

4. Bournemouth

The wild card. Did you know that this buzzing city on the English coast is also a surf destination with great waves for beginners? It’s cozy, cool and a little different, plus you don’t have to obsess over the weather (it is what it is).

5. Miami Beach

Another unusual choice and not for the purists out there. Miami’s beaches may be pristine and the water as turquoise as it gets, but the waves tend to be small. Although it’s not really for the surfing pro, it’s perfect for those who want to paddle out, enjoy the peace and quiet and maybe practice a yoga move or two!

Surf’s up, readers. With this many amazing destinations to choose from you really have no reason to say no.

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