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The truth about English football
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Football in England is a source of national identity, a reflection of our country and its position i...

10 best cities in the world for sports fans
5 min read 5 min

Sport excites, unites and brings people around the world together in a way that few other things can...

All the English football terms you need to know
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The birthplace of football has brought us the beautiful game itself, but also a whole host of words ...

EF Talks: Pro cyclist Pierre Rolland on how learning English impacted his career
min read min

What can learning English do for your career? For EF-Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale team memb...

EF Talks: Pro cyclist Rigoberto Urán on learning languages and living abroad
min read min

“Tranquilo papito, no se preocupe.”Translated  as “take it easy” or “stay calm,” this simple phrase ...

The 7 most unexpectedly awesome places to surf
min read min

When most people think about surfing they think of spots like Hawaii, Costa Rica, Bali and Southern ...

Back to basics: 10 English words for skiing
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Like many of you, I am a keen skier, mainly because it’s the only thing that gets me through the hor...

Football facts: 6 things you must know about England
min read min

The English national team might be perennial underachievers, but that won’t stop this football-mad n...

Football facts: 7 things you must know about Germany
min read min

No matter the tournament, the German football team is a force to be reckoned with: There’s always a ...

Football vocab: Get ready for game day in 5 languages
min read min

Football brings the world together, but if you find yourself watching a game abroad or with a group ...

Football facts: 6 things you must know about Italy
min read min

Italians take football very seriously, and they definitely have the track record to prove it. Feel l...

Football facts: 7 things you must know about Spain
min read min

Spain, the country where football is a religion. The Spanish team is among the best in the world and...