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5 things we love about flying

5 things we love about flying

Some people dread flights, others love them. Some people sleep through a 12-hour flight with no problem while others watch four movies back-to-back just to make those long hours pass. I’m one of those people, unfortunately, and have hardly ever slept more than one hour on a plane (those seats are seriously uncomfortable!) And although flights can be boring, there are ways to really enjoy those hours in the sky (here are our 10 top tips), and reasons to love the opportunity to chill out and get excited for the trip ahead. Because in the end, you’re stuck behind that crying baby flying through the skies for a reason, right?

1. An opportunity to disconnect

How often do we get to turn off our phones and log off Whatsapp and Instagram these days? We’re always connected, always sharing, always chatting. Being on a plane is a rare and welcome opportunity to shut down all the chatter and sleep, chill out, catch up on your favorite magazines, listen to music, watch a few shows and maybe listen to that Coldplay album you never got around to.

2. The food’s surprisingly tasty (especially if you’re hungry!)

I don’t know about you but I actually enjoy those little sandwiches, snacks and mini meals they serve on planes. I’m usually so hungry and thirsty by the time they come around that I’ll chow down pretty much anything – cheese sandwiches with a berry relish (what were you thinking, SWISS!?) or a chicken pasta with a weird yellow sauce (curry or cheese? Who knows!) Flush it all down with one of those mini cans or Coke a cup of coffee and the sky-high gourmet experience is complete!

3. You never know who you might meet

I’ve met some fascinating people on planes and although it’s perfectly fine to mind your own business and sleep, read or listen to music while paying no attention to the person sitting next to you, you could end up having a great chat or learn something new by turning to them, flashing a friendly smile and maybe even uttering a word or two. One time I did just that and ended up learning more about the fashion industry than I ever could have imagined!

Good opening lines if you don’t know how to break the ice: Are you traveling for work or holiday? What’s your favorite destination in the world (especially if you’re flying to a cool spot like LA, Honolulu, London or Paris)? Do you have any tips for (the city you’re traveling to)?

4. It’s a means to a great end

Flying is fun because it’ll take you places. Granted, flights to your destination are more fun than flights back, but I just love that feeling of anticipation and excitement that takes over when you head out to the airport on the first day of your holiday. Airport waiting lines aren’t fun, but once you step on that plane, find your seat and peer out of that little window, it’s ON – you’re on your way!

5. It makes for some killer photos (and stunning moments to soak up!)

Ever flown into LA in the early evening? Or over the City of London at 8am? It’s stunning, believe me, and worth an Instagram shot or two (although you’ll only be able to post once you’re reconnected on the ground!). From stunning sunsets to city fly-overs, making sure you grab a window seat when you check in will be one of the smartest decisions you ever made.

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