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6 crazy facts about time zones that every world traveler should know
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Time zones make logical sense, but they can also be really annoying. How many times have you boarded...

5 types of people you’ll meet on a plane – and how to get along with them all
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They say it’s about the journey, not the destination, but anyone who’s ever been on a long-haul plan...

How to get rid of your fear of flying: 8 tips
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For some travelers, flying is a frightening affair. Even though it’s a fact that airplane crashes ar...

10 tips for navigating international airports
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Travel is perhaps the most exciting thing you can do. New destinations offer new experiences, new fr...

10 tips to ace a long-distance flight
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Apart from squeezable ketchup bottles and post-its, flying is probably one of the coolest inventions...

Back to basics: 10 English words for flying
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What’s more exciting than stepping into the airport, luggage in hand, ready to catch a flight? For m...

8 tips on how to beat jet lag
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Jet lag is a temporary sleep disorder that affects travelers who cross more than three time zones. I...

7 ways to start a conversation on a plane
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We’ve all been there: you’re sitting on a plane, about to enjoy a journey through the clouds, and ev...

5 things we love about flying
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Some people dread flights, others love them. Some people sleep through a 12-hour flight with no prob...

10 ways to kill time on a flight
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Flying is like painting your nails. As soon as you realize that you can’t use your hands for 30 minu...