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30 signs you’re addicted to travel

30 signs you’re addicted to travel

Once the travel bug bites, there’s no escape. Soon, daydreaming about distant destinations, stuffing your belongings in a worn backpack, and heading to the nearest airport becomes a regular occurrence. And who can blame you with all the awesome benefits of seeing the world: From making friends out of strangers to connecting with locals in their native language, travel is what unites us all.

Here are 30 surefire signs that you’re addicted to exploring this crazy little home we call Earth:

1. You want to speak to the world, so you quickly realize that one language is not enough.

2. Ordering food and booking hotels in several languages is just what you do.

3. Your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat friends are from all over the world (and your globe-trotting posts are cooler than cool!)

4. Greeting people in several languages? No problem!

5. Getting to know another culture has become your main hobby.

6. In fact, your small talk game could wow people from even the most remote countries.

7. Daydreaming consists solely of places on your travel wishlist.

8. Your passport number is engrained in your memory.

9. The immigration office has a hard time finding an empty page in your passport to stamp.

10. Packing a suitcase takes you less than 10 minutes. No messing around.

11. You’re that person who is always ready for airport security checks. No belt, no worries.

12. Travel-size containers are all that can be found in your bathroom cabinet.

13. Your browser history is just travel research. (And cat videos.)

14. Jet-lag doesn’t knock you off your stride. You can handle it like a pro.

15. You have favorite airlines and airports.

16. Every conceivable currency seemingly ends up in your wallet.

17. You don’t make to-do lists, you make to-go lists.

18. Unpacking isn’t even in your vocabulary – you’re a backpack kinda person.

19. Sleep is no problem for you – no matter where in the world you’re staying.

20. You plan your next trip on your current trip.

21. Travel guides are dotted across your room.

22. Goodbyes don’t get easier, but you already have plans (and dates) to visit.

23. You have a favorite seat on any form of transport.

24. “When I was in… “ is one of your preferred ways to start a sentence.

25. You know if your luggage will meet the airline guidelines before weighing it.

26. Whenever you spend money, you automatically calculate how far you could travel with the amount.

27. Asking strangers for direction is part of your daily travel routine.

28. Airport codes like LAX and HND are no mystery to you.

29. Passing the time in airports is something you excel at.

30. Whenever someone tells you about their last trip, you grill them about it to see if it’s worthy of your travel wish list.

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