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An A-Z of EF Academy Oxford

An A-Z of EF Academy Oxford

A is for Alumni

At EF Academy we love our alumni! It’s always exciting to see where our students go after they leave EF Academy Oxford behind.

B is for Basketball

We have a student led Basketball club, captained by Davis, who has played nationally

C is for Canteen

Our canteen caters to a variety of tastes and diets- with themed eats like ‘Greek Night’ and ‘Mexican Night’. We’re also really happy about the vegetarian, gluten-free, and lactose-free options. They also sell amazing snacks like the salted caramel brownie!

D is for Domino’s Pizza

We ordered in when our new first years arrived. After a long day of traveling, what better way to start the new school year than with free delicious pizza?

E is for Everyday adventure

Seriously, even a regular Tuesday at school is an adventure.

F is for Facebook

If you haven’t already, you should like our Facebook page it’s buzzing with all our school news and activities! Go, go, go!

G is for G&D’s ice cream

G&D’s is a famous ice cream company in Oxford. All of their ice cream is made in Oxford using local ingredients. Not only satisfied with traditional flavors such as Strawberry and Chocolate, but G&Ds also serve a bunch of unique flavors.

H is for House Parents

Here to be your parents away from home, our house parents come from all over the world (including Poland, Cuba, France, and Italy) they are here to make your stay comfortable and fun.

I is for IB

The majority of our students choose to study for the International Baccalaureate. This program allows them to study a variety of subjects in depth and develop personal skills through sports and volunteering.

J is for Je ne sais quoi

Because there are several moments around here where things feel amazing, even if you can’t quite figure out why. My time at EF Academy just feels like something special.

K is for toK

Putting the knowledge in Theory of Knowledge – A crucial subject in the International Baccalaureate.

L is for Learning from Lukas Lutz

Lukas Lutz is a PhD student from the University of Oxford. He gave a talk to our Chemistry students about energy storage in the future and people like him are around all the time to learn from.

M is for Magdalen Bridge 

This beautiful bridge connects takes us into the city of Oxford.

N is for Never having to be alone

Thanks to great roommates, clubs, and the canteen, there’s never any need to be alone. You always have someone you can hang out with and make friends with!

O is for Oxford

Gotta love the City of Dreaming Spires.

P is for Post

Based in Cotuit Hall, you’ll always find your post and packages so when you feel homesick, one care package from here can make everything feel right again!

Q is for Quiet Study Areas

As the name suggests, we have quiet areas on campus where students are welcome to do their independent study without worrying about noise or interruptions. It’s also the chosen venue of our Academy’s Spoken Word Poetry Club.

R is for Rock climbing

Want to join in the fun? Every other Thursday at Oxford Brookes. Sign up for your place
at the Activities Desk!

S is for the Student lounge

X box. Ping Pong. Pool. Books. Sofas. Notice Boards. Board Games… Need I say more?

T is for Trips

Trips are free and easy to sign up for. In just one term, we had trips to New Scientist Live, Kew Gardens, Parliament, Camping, Ice Skating, A Ghost Walk, Theatre, Bath Spa and Christmas Markets.

U is for University

At EF Academy Oxford our University Placement rate is outstanding. In just one year, 23% were accepted into the UK’s Top 10 Universities and 17% into the World’s Top 50 Universities.

V is for Ven

This is Ven, a crucial member of the Maintenance team. He can often be seen looking busy and
carrying things around campus!

W is for Winston Churchill

Every year, first-year students take a trip to Blenheim Palace, Winston Churchill’s old home. House Goals.

X is for eXtended Essay

An extended essay is a popular option with students giving them an opportunity to form their own argument or case study. Here are two questions that have been under investigation in the past:

“Is cost leadership or differentiation more suitable for Triumph?”- Wei Ling

“To what extent can we blame the UN for their intervention in the Rwandan Genocide?”- Emma F

Y is for… YouTube

Want to see our channel?

Z is for… ZZZZzzzzz

Because at the end of a full day here, you’ll want your sleep so you feel ready to make the most of the next day, too!


EF Academy International Boarding Schools open a world of opportunities for high school students by providing them with a superior education abroad, thorough preparation for university and a future that knows no borders.