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Student spotlight: Cécile Walter, Athlete of the Season

Student spotlight: Cécile Walter, Athlete of the Season

This fall, athletics at EF Academy New York looked a bit different. With new safety measures in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19, student-athletes here in New York and all over the world had to adjust to modified ways of practicing, competing and honing their sports skills. Despite these changes and challenges, many athletes took this season to work on their technical skills and focus on teamwork.

Cécile Walter, a grade 11 student-athlete from Germany, truly thrived this season. In her first year at EF Academy New York, and her first athletics season here on campus, Cécile showed an outstanding sense of dedication to both academics and sports. Running cross country, practicing with the soccer team, and maintaining an impressive GPA, Cécile used this unique season to her advantage. During a typical fall sports season, most athletes would be able to focus on only one sport. Cécile made the most of this new approach to athletics to wholeheartedly commit to both cross country and soccer. Attending both team’s practices each week, participating in a charity run, and playing in scrimmages, Cécile showed immense tenacity throughout the season despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Cécile (right) and the Cross Country team at a charity run this fall.

When presented with this award, Cécile said, “I am very pleased about it and I feel very honored, and that it is a great incentive for me. Training here at EF Academy is a lot of fun and no matter how hard it is, you always go home with a good feeling and mood.” The genuinity and joy with which Cécile responded proved just how much she deserves this honor. She added, “One of my favorite memories from the season was our soccer game, when the varsity girls and boys teams joined together and competed against each other. This was very nice, because it gave us the opportunity of play a actual game during the pandemic.”

Watch some of Cécile’s highlights from this season and read on to hear more about what an outstanding student-athlete she is.

What Cécile’s coaches have to say:

“Cécile is both an exceptional student athlete and an outstanding individual within the EF Academy community. Her involvement with both Cross Country and Soccer and exemplifies what it means to be a team member. She always comes running to soccer practice from cross country with a big smile plastered on her face, excited to play. Cécile goes beyond what is expected of her at our practices, quite literally running laps around everyone. She is always giving helpful advice to the other girls and helping her team by communicating and sending positive messages to everyone. We were extremely happy to have Cécile as a member of the soccer team this year and can’t wait to see what she will accomplish in future athletic seasons.”

“Cécile is a phenomenal athlete.  Since she’s arrived to EF Academy New York, she has exemplified the role of a true student-athlete. She excels in the classroom with an overall GPA of 97.2, and is an astounding influence for Varsity Athletics on any field of play. She is a hard worker, is dedicated to perseverance, and has a very distinct insatiable hunger for self-improvement day in and day out.  It has been a pleasure training Cécile, she has a very charismatic character, and it’s outstanding that EF Academy has young role models of such class within our Athletics program.  I look forward to the upcoming year, and seeing Cécile grow into the individual she strives to become.”

“Cécile is easily one of our best athletes here at EF Academy. She participates in both Cross Country and Soccer. She shows up each day to Cross Country practice and runs about 5 kilometers. Immediately after her run, she goes straight to soccer to practice with her team. You can also find her in the gym every morning at 7:30 am. Cécile is always in a good mood and you will never find her without a smile. The energy she brings to practice every day is contagious. It is a pleasure coaching Cécile!”