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3 reasons why you should always join clubs at boarding school

One of the best memories of high school is often clubs. Club activities are an essential part of living in a boarding school. Although they take away some free time, they bring more benefits to you and your boarding school experience. At EF Academy New York, there are tons of clubs that everyone can join. It is easy to find a club that meets your interests in art, sports, business, academics and cultural topics.

There are three main reasons why you should always join clubs, especially when studying abroad at boarding school:

1. The best opportunity to make friends

People in the same club tend to spend more time together than with other classmates. This makes club activities a great opportunity to make friends, since you have more time to get to know each other. Furthermore, people often join clubs related to their interests, which means everyone in the same club has some common interest. This makes it easier to make friends through clubs. Personally, I eat lunch with my friends every day and most of them are friends from a club activity.

2. Learn more about your interests

Club activities are an opportunity to learn more about your specific interests. You may know many things about what you are interested in, but it is a great place to exchange and share knowledge with others. Additionally, clubs often have ultimate goals for their activities. For example, the Drama Club at EF Academy aims to convey messages about global issues through acting. In order to achieve this goal, it is important to learn and understand global issues to communicate accurate information in an effective way. That is why clubs are an amazing place to learn.

3. Great use of free time

It is your responsibility to manage your time when living in a boarding school. Sometimes it can be hard to keep a productive schedule, but having club activities can help you manage your time. Clubs run during a set time and you are responsible for your attendance. When you have other important things to do, like deadlines to meet, you must decide which commitment to keep. This allows students to learn how to prioritize and make a manageable schedule.

Clubs are a great place to make friends, enjoy yourself while learning more about things you are interested in and learn how to manage time. Experience from clubs is only gained by taking part in their activities in the moment, which makes them even more valuable. That is why you should always join clubs while at boarding school.

At EF Academy New York, we offer over 120 co-curricular clubs and activities to encourage exploration and learning beyond the classroom – including Coding Club, Dance Club, Filmmaking Club and many more. I you can’t find the clubs you’re looking for, our Activities Coordinator can help you start your own.

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