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UK and US: English word variations

While the English language is spoken in both America and England, there are some subtle differences which can be a bit confusing if you’re not a native speaker. Lucky for you, we’ve chosen some of the most common variations so you’ll know your stuff no matter which continent you end up on.


UK: Chips

US: French fries

In the UK you might enjoy a nice plate of chips, but in the US you’d call them French fries instead!

UK: Crisps

US: Potato chips

Chips in the US are what the British call crisps.

UK: Aubergine

US: Eggplant

This purple fruit is known as aubergine in the UK, but is called something completely different in the US: eggplant.


UK: Trainers

US: Sneakers

Going out for a jog? In the UK you’d need your trainers, but in the US you’d be reaching for your sneakers.

UK: Jumper

US: Sweater

In America, you’d wrap up in a sweater when the weather gets cold. In the UK, you’d find a good, thick jumper.

UK: Waistcoat

US: Vest

A waistcoat is traditionally worn by men at weddings, but in the US it’s called a vest.


UK: Football

US: Soccer

The UK is football mad, but in the US, it’s soccer all the way.

UK: Pitch

US: Field

In the UK, you’d play football on a pitch. In the US, you’d play soccer on a field.

UK: Kit

US: Uniform

Sports teams in the UK dress in matching kit which is called uniform in the US.


UK: Timetable

US: Schedule

Students in the UK find their lessons on a timetable, whereas American students would use a schedule.

UK: Rubber

US: Eraser

Made a mistake? In the UK you’d need a rubber, but in the US you’d use an eraser.

UK: Full stop

US: Period

This sentence ends in a full stop (UK). This sentence ends in a period (US).


UK: Lorry

US: Truck

A lorry in the UK is a truck in the US.

UK: Pavement

US: Sidewalk

Pedestrians walks on the sidewalk in the US and the pavement in the UK. Interestingly, pavement in the US means road.

UK: Motorway

US: Highway

The US has 164,000 miles of highway. The UK has only 2,173 miles of motorway.

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