Stories from our international boarding schools


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High school literature that taught us important lessons

While it might not always seem like it – particularly not on a slow Monday morning in your English l... Read more

UK and US: English word variations

While the English language is spoken in both America and England, there are some subtle differences ... Read more

Common English phrases you won’t hear in the classroom

If learning a new language wasn’t hard enough, every culture also has their own idioms or sayings th... Read more

English idioms: Phrases about love without a translation

When it comes to learning a new language, you learn a set of grammar rules that are often set in sto... Read more

How to build English foundations

"...remember that knowledge is one of the few things that no one can ever take from you. The more yo... Read more

Guy Fawkes Night: remember, remember the 5th of November

On the eve of the 5th of November, the people in the UK go out onto the streets to light a bonfire a... Read more

An EF Academy philavery of unusual words

Whether you’re already familiar with the English language or just starting out, sometimes you might ... Read more

The EF EPI: How did your country rank?

In the globalized and interconnected world we live in today, where opinions and ideas can be shared ... Read more