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My two weeks in Hong Kong

My name is Tony Li. I’m currently a rising senior at EF Academy New York. Over the summer for two weeks, I completed an internship with the marketing and admission team at EF Hong Kong. It was undoubtedly an educational experience.

During the first week, I was asked to do market research specifically for the Hong Kong and Guangdong areas. As a follow-up to that, I was then asked to think about ideas on designing our online advertising slogans because I brought up the point that our current slogans are not intriguing enough.

In the second week, I was asked to create a PowerPoint about the highlights of EF Academy New York and a survival guide for new students arriving in September. Besides that, I was also asked to write a testimonial about my experience at EF Academy. Last but certainly not least, I helped with some other marketing and pre-departure tasks, including organizing contents for this year’s letters over the last three days. As I said at the beginning, this internship was a very educational experience for me because I learned about different marketing strategies, especially about search engine optimization.

Hyman, my manager, taught me a lot as I was doing my task. More importantly, this experience gave me a sense of working in an international company. This kind of social experience, in my opinion, is the most valuable part of this internship since it is something that I can never learn in a classroom. It, in many ways, helped me mentally prepare for life after graduating from university before I even enter university.

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