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Student is recognized as Hult Business Student of the Year

Student is recognized as Hult Business Student of the Year

At the EF Academy Oxford graduation ceremony on Friday April 22nd, EF Academy President Jenny Hepworth presented the Hult Business Student of the Year award to IB Year 1 student Roxana Marocho Marin.

Roxana was awarded this prestigious prize because of her genuine interest in business, which she demonstrated through her participation in the 2015 Hult Global Business Challenge and her IB Extended Essay on software pricing, in addition to her excellent academic ability and her engagement in the school community.

Roxana wasn’t present at the ceremony but she said that her classmates called her immediately after to tell her the exciting news.

“At first I couldn’t believe it and I was really surprised because it was so unexpected,” she said. “I felt really proud of myself and of what I had achieved.”

She added: “It always feels great to be recognized for the hard work that you’ve put into something. I was already really proud of what my great team and I had accomplished in the Hult Global Business Challenge, but being recognized in this way is incredible and really satisfying.”

As part of her prize, Roxana will receive a full scholarship to Hult’s two-week pre-university program in London, a $100 Amazon gift card (which she plans to use to purchase an external hard drive for her laptop) and a Future Business Leader Scholarship worth $5,000 per year if she chooses to apply and is successfully admitted to Hult International Business School.

Roxana knows that she’d like to pursue business in the future, both at university and as a career, but she is still undecided about what she’d like to specialize in. What she does know is that she is looking forward to the summer program in London and she does plan on applying to Hult International Business School.

“I think Hult is a really good option and suitable for what I’m looking for. I like their way of teaching, as well as the option they offer of spending one year in London and another one in San Francisco,” she said.

But no matter what path Roxana decides to follow after EF Academy, she’ll take with her the experience she’s gained by participating in the academic competition organized by Hult and being recognized for her innovative ideas and promising abilities.

“This award has inspired me to keep going and made me see that anything is possible if you work hard and put effort into it,” she said.