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The Oxford student lounge had a new renovation

The Oxford student lounge had a new renovation

What a transformation! On the first day of this term, I wasn’t surprised that every time a student or member of staff walked past our Student Lounge they all took a ‘double-take’ through the windows, stopped and then went inside to have a closer look. The surprise development (we wanted to make our students smile on their return from the winter break!) wasn’t just a ‘lick of paint’, indeed, a member of EF’s design team spent two days with us towards the end of the last term and started her planning with a blank sheet of paper.

Painting walls and ceilings, of course, always brighten a room, however, this was only a small part of our Student Lounge’s makeover. The new ‘daylight’ lights have really opened this space up and installing pendant lamps down one side has meant the open space is subtly divided into areas: a place to play ping-pong, read, eat on bistro style tables, or just relax between studies.

Another massive ‘wow factor’ is the new furniture; personally, I’d never have thought of combining such colors and patterns, however, I’m sure you’ll agree from the photographs, the new furniture looks fantastic, doesn’t it? My only concern is that since Mrs. Fletcher-Single’s seen it, there seem to be a lot more furniture catalogs at home!

Please don’t just take my word for it; our students and House Parents were so pleased and proud of the developments they produced a poster outlining the positive feedback from everyone; that’s got to be a ‘mark of success’, hasn’t it?