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EF Academy Oxford alumni return to their alma mater

EF Academy Oxford alumni return to their alma mater
Yesterday afternoon five of our alumni came to visit our current students! The returning students were:

Yexia Lin
Nationality: Spanish/Chinese
Studying at: Clare College, University of Cambridge
Course: MSC Engineering

Julia Graef
Nationality: German
Studying at: Imperial College London
Course: Medicine

Hannah Saskya Bingei
Nationality: Indonesian
Studying at: University of West England
Course: Equestrian Sport Science

Sofia Sanborn
Nationality: Spanish
Studying at: Kings College London
Course: Business and Management

Elena Trubavina
Nationality: Russian
Studying at: Queen Mary (London)
Course: International Relations

The students talked about the things they enjoyed most about studying at EF Oxford (“karaoke nights!”, “living in an international environment”, “meals out on Cowley Road”) and gave advice to the first year students who have yet to apply to University. The most common advice given was to get involved in the opportunities offered by the academy “volunteering is very well viewed on University applications” “At Kings, it’s all about being culturally aware” but also advice on assignments. The returning students confirmed that the workload at University can be intense and students who have good time management and essay writing skills at sixth form will find the transition into University easier.

Although there were common elements between their university lives the students noted the differences between the university experiences at different institutions. Yexia Ling noted that in Cambridge they have shorter terms and a higher workload which could lead to more stress. Julia and Sophia noted the cost of living in London meant a lot of their course mates needed to find part-time work and many found the SU (Student’s Union) good for this.

Our students had a chance to ask questions about living in University Halls “it’s like a second family, you go to Tesco together, watch films together, eat together” and the alumni busted some myths “Engineering at Cambridge isn’t just theoretical!”.

The afternoon was interesting for both our current students and returners. It was nice to see the exchange of information and for the teachers to catch up with old students. We look forward to hosting more such events in the future!

Originally published February 22, 2017.