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Learning the life skill of cooking

Learning the life skill of cooking

In my opinion, the ability to cook is a lifetime skill that everyone should have – it is not specific to boys or girls, but every boy has to learn how to cook. First of all, people should not forget the basic need of cooking, since if they can cook, they don’t need to have any fear of going hungry. This could be something that becomes especially true at university! In that sense, cooking can just be the ability to make something that you like and is simple to make.

However, there are many advantages to learning more than just the basics in cooking. Boys who learn how to cook, learn to be more independent, and they can save money by not buying low quality ‘take away’ meals; in short, they can make whatever they please to eat. Well, to be honest, I am not that professional at cooking.

I used to cook when I was young, by learning the ways of cooking from my Mom. I watched and sometimes helped when she was making lunch or dinner. So I really like to cook Italian food, like for example pasta and lasagne, because it’s easier and faster for me to cook. Since cooking with other students at EF Academy or trying their food, I’ve learned more about food from other cultures. I really want to learn more about how to cook using couscous and other Algerian food, and I also want to learn how to cook Turkish food. This week we cooked tuna and potato patties, steak and fried potatoes, and Merguez sausages and hmiss (Algerian roasted red pepper dip), which was great.

Written by Manef Nigassa, A-Level Year 1 student at EF Academy Oxford