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EF Academy celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

EF Academy celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

As students across EF Academy’s schools prepare for their exams in the coming weeks, we’d like to take a moment to appreciate the dedicated and passionate teachers working with them behind the scenes to help them ace their tests.

In the spirit of Teacher Appreciation Week, a big thank you to our faculty in New York, Torbay and Oxford. The theme of this year’s celebration is “Teachers Deliver” – and our teachers deliver every day by motivating, caring for and inspiring our students.

In the U.S., EF is saying thank you to its teachers around the world in style by lighting up the NYC sky. Today, May 12th, we’re lighting up the Empire State Building in EF’s signature pink color. To our teachers: if you get the chance to see it with your own eyes or in pictures, know that the light is shining for you and for your hard work. That sure beats apples, doesn’t it?

Here is what a few of our students have to say about their teachers:

“My favorite teacher is my mathematics teacher, Grahame Hale. He inspires everyone to do mathematics, it’s a tough subject at Higher Level. He helps us understand why we do it while teaching us how to do it – he’s great at explaining things. He’s probably the best teacher I’ve had in my entire life.”

Varvara Semenova
EF Academy Oxford
Read her story here.

“What I like about studying in the UK is that the teachers encourage us to engage more in the subjects. My brain is stimulated a lot more when I don’t have to just focus on memorizing the things we learn. I like my law teacher! She can make even the tedious topics fun, and she gives praise when praise is due.”

Gemi Nastiti
EF Academy Torbay
Read his story here.

“To Ms. Fetzer: thank you for really inspiring me to get into this whole controversy of the environment being exposed to chemicals like GMOs, hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, carrageenan and much more. This really made me the person I am today and I’m passionate about the field that I want to go into.”

Emeir Sulaiman
EF Academy New York
Graduated 2015
Now studying Health Science with a minor in Business Administration at SUNY Brockport
Here his blog post here.