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How students share their culture with their international peers

Attending a school like EF Academy gives you a unique opportunity to live among students from all over the globe. A big part of participating in the international community is learning about different cultures. While some may be familiar with your home country, others might only know it from films or stories about a nice vacation. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to discuss their culture and share their favorite pieces of it with their peers.

Here’s how three of our students from three different campuses share their culture with their peers while studying at EF Academy.


Jana Dorozala
Campus: EF Academy Torbay
Home country: Germany

My mom sends me packages sometimes and every time she does I am sure to share it with my classmates. When coming back from winter break this time I made a few small bags for my friends with the most German food that you can’t get here. It’s always really nice to see how my friends enjoy these simple things that are normal for me and I’m am delighted to make them happy by sharing these things.



Ansh Anand
Campus: EF Academy New York
Home country: India

Coming from a country like India, I have been instilled with rich culture and tradition. When I first arrived at EF Academy, I was a bit concerned about losing touch with my roots as I got more and more involved with the American way of life. But, as it turns out, I was able to spread my culture far more than I had expected and I didn’t lose touch with my origins. I made this happen by being candid and open about where I’m coming from.

Having conversations with friends about how things are like back home, the differences in our cultures and sharing anecdotes from my childhood, all contributed to my multicultural experience. In this way, I was able to get familiar with the customs and traditions of my friends, as well as spreading my own. In addition to that, I made it a point to share some of the spicy Indian noodles that I’m always loaded on with my roommates and friends. This has made my experience at EF much more inclusive and wholesome.


Giorgio Cappuccinelli
Campus: EF Academy Oxford
Home country: Italy

Even if I am Italian and I love my country, I also proudly recognize myself as Sardinian. Sardinia is the second biggest Italian island, and its culture and history may sometimes differ from the rest of the country. Every time that I have been asked about my culture by my peers, I always like starting my description of Sardinia joking with the ‘real’ stereotype that we have three million sheep in our island, almost three for each inhabitant.

However, the next step is always to show them pictures of the beautiful coasts and beaches of Sardinia. Everyone is always amazed by these pictures that can only in part describe the charm of these places. As soon as possible, I always try to share with them some of the food that I regularly receive from home (you know, Italian moms). It is particularly satisfying to see how something that we consider as ordinary can be so special for someone else.

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