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Congratulations to our A-Level students: results from Oxford and Torbay

Image: Juhyun Kim, Korea, EF Academy Oxford and will attend university at King’s College

Considered the top qualification by British universities, passing the A-Levels is a great accomplishment for secondary school students. Year after year, we watch our students succeed in this pursuit and it’s our great honor to announce that this year’s A-Level results from both Oxford and Torbay are the best in EF Academy’s history.

At Oxford, we are very proud to announce a 97% pass rate, with 29% of our students receiving A*-A grades. At Torbay, there was a 95% pass rate for students, with 31% of our students receiving A*-A grades. Almost 1/3 of all our A-Level students achieved the very highest grades which will put them in line to attend some of the very best universities in the world.

All of the students have had the opportunity to explore their potential and achieve great personal success throughout the course of the program. Our carefully-designed “university pathways” approach has led to great placements for fiercely competitive courses such as Medicine, Law, Economics, and Engineering.

Top 15 scores:

  • Sijie Ke from China scored A*, A*, A*, A. She will go on to study Economics at University College London.
  • Zengzi Xiang from China scored A*, A*, A*.
  • Hongxi Liu from China scored A*, A*, A.
  • Jingyao Xiao from China scored A*, A*, A.
  • Hsin Lun Chiang from Taiwan scored A*, A*, B.
  • Chung-I Ni from Taiwan scored A*A B. He will go on to study Materials Science and Engineering at Manchester University.
  • Yan Wah Keung from Hong Kong scored A*, A, B.
  • Chun Him Yeung from Hong Kong scored A*, A, B.
  • Fatimah Ibrahim from Nigeria scored A B B. She will go on to study Law at Nottingham University.
  • Junzhe Fan from China scored A*, A*, C.
  • Liang Zou from China scored A*, A, C.
  • Thanom Mitpasong from Laos scored A, A, C.
  • Onaopemipo Fakotun from Nigeria scored A*, B, C.
  • Dat Ngoc Van from Vietnam scored B, B, B.
  • Nurfajrina Putri from Indonesia scored B, B, B.

“Congratulations to all our hard-working A-Level students in the Class of 2018! A-Level is one of the most demanding pre-university qualifications in the world. And great results such as these mean that EF Academy students are now off to some of the best universities in the world.”

– Dr. Paul Ellis
Head of School, EF Academy Oxford

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