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EF Academy Torbay House Football Cup

One of the most hotly contested House competitions of the year was held before the Easter break the House football competition. The competition took part over two legs with a boys and a girl’s football competition.

Football is one of the most popular team sports here in Torbay, particularly for the boys, so there was a great deal of hype about the matches and a great deal of excitement during them.

The tournament ran for both girls and boys much like a world cup table with each team, or house, playing every other team with points awarded for the winners of matches that built up a table.

Our four houses, Anstey, Oyster, Saltern and Elberry, all eagerly waited to see who was up first. The supporters cheered, loudly, and waived their house flags from the side lines and the competition got underway. The quality of the football was amazing considering the teams had not played together very much and it didn’t take long in any of the matches before we had goals. One in particular stood out and amazed everyone scored by William De Santos of Saltern House. Despite this amazing goal Oyster won the boys tournament

The overall winning house is the house awarded the most points over both girls and boys competitions so much to the boy’s frustration they had to wait for the final result from the girl’s competition before they knew which house won.

So the excitement was so high for the girl’s football matches and we had a big group of boy’s supporters who came along to cheer on the girls so loudly it sounded like a premiership football match.

The girl’s matches were amazing with some great play and some hard fought matches but it became clear that Elberry were taking the lead on the table. Saltern tried a strong comeback in their final match but it was not enough to take victory.

But it’s a contest of two halves and the overall winner was Saltern because they came second in the boys and first in the girls.

The overall table of events is really heating up now as we approach the end of the year but its still too close to call!

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