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EF Academy Torbay’s Got Talent

EF Academy Torbay’s Got Talent

On Wednesday 22nd November a new tradition was born: our first annual inter-house talent contest. Students from Ansteys, Elberry, Oyster and Saltern stepped onto the stage at Upton Vale to show the school their talents and to represent their houses. It was an incredible afternoon, showing the wide range of ways in which our students excel. Abdulbasit Haruna was our host, doing an outstanding job of welcoming acts on stage and congratulating their skill and bravery after they had performed.

Before the competitive element began, the Singing Club opened the event with a number from the musical ‘Chicago’, this was followed by Maria Meirabova and Liudmila Vasileva performing a dance routine of their own devising, one which they had been rehearsing for two months!

Jill Wang was the first student to represent their house, doing Saltern proud with a beautiful piece on the piano. She was followed by Abdellah Badaoui for Oyster, bringing the show firmly into the 21st Century by showing us how to build a techno dance music track.

As if to show just how diverse our school is, Abdellah handed the stage back to Saltern and Nicolas Mediato Diaz who proudly proclaimed ‘I can’t sing and I don’t dance, but I can do math.’ Nicolas went on to demonstrate with ease some very complicated number bonds and had our final year mathematicians on their feet in awe of his skill, earning a new nickname: The Professor.

Next up, representing Ansteys, Zoe Balboainvited the Head on to the stage to help with her act of contortionism. To equal levels of horror and delight, Zoe demonstrated the ability to revolve her arm almost 360 degrees and to invert her elbow. We were, and are, lost for words.

It was then back to the piano with Elberry’s Mohammed Reza with a beautiful and moving piece played with great skill. We were delighted to have Reza’s mother in the audience, too. Eugene Tan of Saltern then showed his vulnerable side, singing a heartfelt song.

Our ninth contestant turned out to be Mexico’s secret super star: Oyster’s Pedro Borrego. Pedro took the microphone with professional confidence, explaining his choice of a traditional Mexican song and that while we could clap at the end if we liked, we must not clap at the beginning. By the time he had finished singing, the whole building rose to give a standing ovation. It was only modesty that prevented Pedro signing autographs at the end of the show.

Nicola Xu then took to the piano for Saltern and played not one but twopieces. Nicola’s energetic playing wowed us all and had the host, Basit, asking for lessons. Nicola handed over to Yu Sum Tse of Elberry house. Yu Yu revealed a delicate yet powerful voice.

Prae Lalitanantpong surprised us all, shrugging off her usually quiet and reserved persona to put on an amazing show for Oyster house, and going out into the crowd, winning many fans in the process. Nawfal Lyoussi was the penultimate contestant and the final pianist of the day .

The competitive element came to an end with Ansteys’ group song. Led by Osama Lahreche, a small band of Ansteys students sang the theme song for their house from the islands project. We were left in no doubt as to their commitment to their house.