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EF Academy students head to Bristol, UK

EF Academy students head to Bristol, UK

On January 19th, students from the Oxford campus went on an exciting trip to Bristol. For most of the students, it was their first time seeing the charming English town. Here is a fun recap of the experience, written by students Samuel Paiva dos Santos, Ingvild Øverland, Dina Laeskogen, and Laurin Demmler.



I went on the school trip to Bristol. The first thing we did as a group was to visit the aquarium. It was very impressive and had quite a varied selection of animals. From there, students were free to walk around the city before returning to the aquarium later in the day. My friends and I walked for a bit and visited the cathedral; we then ate lunch at a restaurant near the aquarium, took a few pictures, and then went back. Bristol is a very nice city worth visiting. I am glad the school offered this trip and look forward to more weekend trips to other cities in the future.

-Samuel Paiva Dos Santos


Last Saturday I took part in the school trip to Bristol. Although the weather was not the best, the company more than made up for it. Mostly we just wondered around the city center and explored the area. One location that was very nice was a tower up on a hill – from there you could see the whole city! Overall, the day was very enjoyable and it was good to see and explore another city in England.

-Ingvild Øverland


I really loved the trip to Bristol! After visiting the aquarium, we went on a boat trip to another part of the city where we had lunch at a café/pub. We took the boat back to the city center and we walked around the area until we headed to the big cathedral. The cathedral was quite an impressive building; we took our time seeing the interior then meet up with the rest of the group at the aquarium. I am happy I went on this trip.

-Dina Laeskogen


This Saturday, a group of students from our school decided to go to Bristol as one of our weekend trips. Leaving at 9.30am, our coach arrived at around 11.30am at the Aquarium in Bristol. First, we visited the Aquarium and it was fantastic. We were able to see loads of fantastic species, many of which we haven´t even heard about before. There were not only fish species, but also frogs and tarantulas. After having seen all these amazing animals, many of us decided to discover more of what Bristol had to offer.

One of the most impressive buildings we saw was the Cathedral of Bristol. It was founded in 1140 and offers some enjoyable architecture, impressing from both the inside and outside. Afterward, some of us went to a restaurant where we had an amazing time eating some burgers. Others even found a Banksy in Bristol!

Having enjoyed our time in Bristol, with the quiet harbor and the modern architecture of the outside shopping mall we visited, we first got an ice cream (which was very tasty) and then made our way back to the bus. Around 6 pm, we arrived back safely, although a bit tired. In short, even though it was cloudy throughout the day, Bristol was a beautiful city to discover and we all enjoyed our trip immensely.

-Laurin Demmler




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