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5 essential things to pack for international boarding school

5 essential things to pack for international boarding school

Are you ready for your international high school experience at EF Academy? Packing for boarding school might feel like an overwhelming task. What should you bring, and what if you forget something important? Fear not, this list of items to pack will help you in your preparations. Also, remember that you will be able to buy most things onsite. So, if you forget something, it’s an easy fix!

Comfort clothes

Clothes are, obviously, essential. But other than your regular clothes, make sure to also bring some of your “comfort clothes.” Perhaps you have a hoodie that reminds you of relaxing in your room back home, or a set of super soft pajamas that always make you feel cozy. Bringing these items of clothing to your dorm room will be a comfort if you ever feel a bit homesick, or if you just want to enjoy the feeling of familiarity while being abroad.


Snacks are an essential part of every dorm room. While you’ll be able to stock up on snacks during your time on campus, bringing some local snacks from your home country is always a great idea. It can also be fun to share some of your snacks from home with your new roommate/roommates, and maybe you’ll get to try theirs!

Overnight bag or backpack

While at school, chances are you might go on an excursion or trip that requires you to stay the night at the destination. For these occasions it’s great to have your own overnight bag or backpack with you so you have enough space for what you might need for a night or two off-campus.

Formal wear

Usually, you will be wearing your everyday clothes on campus. However, it’s a good idea to pack a set of more elegant, formal clothes for certain events that take place during the school year. Your formal outfit might also come in handy if you participate in clubs like Model United Nations, or other activities where a more formal outfit is required.

Photos or personal items

To make your dorm room feel more personal, make sure to bring some decorations that make the room feel more you. For example, you can decorate your desk with photos of your loved ones and other small items that add a personal touch, or perhaps hang up a poster that represents something you like. Before you know it, your dorm room will be a cozy place where you feel right at home.