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EF Academy Eagles have turned the tables

EF Academy Eagles football team have turned the tables on rivals Torquay Academy. We have been playing competitive matches against Torquay Academy for two years now but have only managed a draw against them and have at times been outmatched and have lost on more than one occasion.

The team has however really stepped up their training and we have also strengthened the team with a new bunch of great players. This has allowed us to be able to rely on a lot more substitutes and to have much more choice about who plays depending on the type of opposition. The drive to improve the quality of our sport provision has also included an attempt to improve the overall fitness of our team players and we are seeing the benefits across all of our teams.

We went into the game feeling confident but we have not played many this season and this particular team have always been a difficult opposition. The game however got off to a great start with us scoring early on. They immediately put us under pressure and really tested both our defense and our goal keeper. Eventually this was too much for us to handle and we let one in.

It was at this point where those involved with the training of the team and all the substitutes on the bench thought the match would follow a familiar pattern with the games ending in a draw or close win for them.

Not today though. We moved things around and changed a couple of players to give us strength in a couple of key areas and the reaction was immediate with us scoring two goals before the break. Could this game be a little different?

Sure enough we came back stronger than ever and seemed to take them by surprise scoring a further 3 goals and only letting in one. The score finishing five goals to two.

The players were ecstatic and so proud of themselves as were the rest of the school. A great example of how the schools sporting prowess is on the up and up.

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