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Culture Fair in New York – The whole world in your classroom

Culture Fair in New York – The whole world in your classroom

On April 9, 2022, EF Academy New York hosted its 14th annual Culture Fair, an exceptional and unique tradition that represents a message our school always emanates – to be unique, yet united.  

Culture Fair holds a special place in the hearts of all EF Academy community members across our campuses. At Culture Fair, students get to share their favorite culturally unique traditions with their peers and teachers. As a school filled of students that represent over 60 nationalities, you can imagine this an exciting event – year after year.  

This year at our New York campus, we had almost 30 classrooms representing over 40 countries. Students had the opportunity to spend the weekend traveling the world, all without leaving campus! 

In each room, students decorated the walls with relics from their home country, set up games they were taught as children and cooked delicious, custom food with a smell that filled the air with the sweet aroma of diversity. For hours, students wandered in and out classrooms-turned-countries and learned first-hand what makes their friends so special. As they grabbed a plate and competed in a new game, students exchanged tales of history and personal anecdotes from places that no longer seem so far away. 

At our international school, we are always looking for ways to incorporate the diversity our students bring in their academic experience. While Culture Fair is one of the most amusing events our students host all school year, it is not just for our entertainment! In a matter of a day, the New York academic building becomes a giant brain, absorbing information from 450 students and transforms into a repository of ideas. 

We are so lucky to have such passionate, dedicated, and worldly students living and learning in this miniature United Nations. We hold the privilege of having the world reflected in our student body and teaching individuals who are eager to share their knowledge. EF Academy students never cease to be unique, yet united.