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Brand new Science department in Oxford

Brand new Science department in Oxford

Exciting news from EF Academy Oxford! We recently had the pleasure of officially opening the brand new Science department on campus in Oxford. The new department features three modern, equipped labs, one new prep room and a whole new Science corridor.


Inauguration of Science lab at EF Academy Oxford

We asked Mark Fletcher-Single, Head of School in Oxford, what his exciting addition means for the school:

“As a school, we have always excelled in the teaching and learning of science (of course, I truly believe our teaching and learning is excellent across the board in all subjects, but…), with many students going on to study biology, chemistry, physics as well as medicine, science-focused engineering courses, etc., at some of the top universities in the world. Indeed, just before Christmas, I bumped into a 2022 graduate in town who is reading Chemistry at St Anne’s College, University of Oxford. So, when looking to order our school’s significant development plans intended over the next 5 years, the Science Faculty seemed a very prudent place to begin. It’s interesting and, of course, great teaching and learning aren’t reliant on ‘the best’ facilities, but we wanted to begin with our school laboratories because we understand, with great teachers, how much further great science students can be stretched and challenged in a great learning environment. I hope you agree, looking at the photographs of our new Science Faculty – and ‘yes’, we did all of it (well, if you’re serious about something…why not?) – this development’s been truly transformational.

To ensure we developed the best possible teaching and learning arrangement in the laboratories, we actually moved 3 doors, 2 walls and 1 window, but can you tell from the quality of the finish? No, you can’t. What do you see? You now see a large fully-equipped Chemistry and Biology laboratory with the most stunning teaching wall behind the teacher’s demonstration island: a superb concept encouraging group participation, and ensuring greater synergy between practical demonstrations and whiteboard theory teaching. You now see a brand new Biology and ESS laboratory with gas taps and sockets fitted at each workstation, creating more opportunities for practical experiments; and you now see a developed Physics laboratory with the teachers’ resources so cleverly stored on the back wall to maximise students’ individual work areas. ‘…resources cleverly stored…to maximise students’ individual work areas’ may sound salesperson-esque, but it isn’t, think of the space needed by each student for their text books, laptop, notebook, practical equipment, etc., etc., etc.: each worksurface, window, light, storage drawer, sink, gas tap and plug socket of this development was so carefully drafted on the plans, to ensure our students enjoy the best possible science teaching and learning experience. And you know what? I think we’ve done it. If you are looking for a completely different sixth-form experience, why don’t you book a visit to see our new Science Faculty for yourself?”

Science lab at EF Acacemy Oxford

Science lab at EF Academy Oxford