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10 tips for studying in Oxford

The experience at EF Academy is not only about studying. And it doesn’t need to be. Studying every moment of the day, without taking any rest from books, isn’t sustainable or what life on campus is all about. So here are some tips for students to make the most of their experiences in Oxford.

1. In class, join the discussion

Since you will need to stay there anywhere, take the most out of your classes. Instead of sleeping or thinking about something else, try to follow what the teachers say. You need to be brave, ask questions and join the discussions. The lesson might be more fun than you thought.

2. No time for procrastination

Everyone would agree that the easiest thing to do in school is to procrastinate, but this is also what all of us should avoid. Grow up also means to finally be able to organize our time without anyone keeping us on the leash. Organize your time from the beginning of the year, and you will get the best out of this experience.

3. Study with your peers

Another way to optimize your study is to find some trustworthy traveling companions. Studying with your peers will probably be one of the most helpful experiences of these two years. There is always someone who has a gap in some subjects but is the best in others. My advice is to form a study group and help each other; a friend is sometimes better than a teacher.

4. The teachers are there for you

If you and your friends don’t understand something, there is always a teacher that will be willing to help you. Don’t hesitate to ask for help; no one is going to judge you for that. There are many extra classes for the students who are having some difficulties at the beginning, and there is no shame in joining them.

5. Find your spot

EF Academy Oxford is full of places where you can study. Whether you prefer to study alone in your bedroom or in the library with your friends, my suggestion is to explore and find the spot where you can be more productive. The students of our school are also allowed to access to the Oxford Brooks University library, where you will find many useful sources and a Starbucks café. What’s better than writing an essay with your own cup of mochaccino? Probably a lot of stuff, but this will still contribute to making your studies less arduous.

6. Look all around

One of the most significant advantages of living in Oxford is that the city is one of the most outstanding and knowledgeable places around the world. The University of Oxford is known everywhere and you will have access to many of the lectures and events that are regularly held. Going there could be an occasion to revise that argument that you are doing in class, expand your interests, and get new experiences that will look wonderful on your university application. So, do it!

7. Take time for your hobbies

As stated above, school isn’t just about studying. You need to find your moments of distraction. Maybe by joining some of the school sports teams or clubs. If you have always dreamt about doing the Model United Nations or if you like to play football and basketball, take your time for it. This is the moment of your life to do it – these opportunities will not come twice!

8. Take time for yourself

The year will be stressful and plenty of ups and downs. For this reason, you will need time to treat yourself with some chocolate cake or hanging out with your friends. Sleep a bit more during the weekends or take some time to go out, you will not regret it!

9. Independence, independence, independence

You are now becoming independent. This means that you will have to keep your room tidy by yourself and do the laundry. Try always to organize your time, scheduling the day for changing the bed sheets or tidy up your room.

10. Explore

Take time to explore the most beautiful English spots. Join the trip organized by the school or go to London with your friends. Sometimes it is good to take a break from studying and expand your knowledge about the place where you live. WARNING: do it when you are still in the first year because during the next year you will not have so much time.

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