Reviews: EF Eastbourne

Reviews: EF Eastbourne
(439 reviews)
Looking for an English school in Eastbourne?

EF Eastbourne is one of our top English schools, delivering a comprehensive language learning experience in a quaint English seaside town. Located close to the beautiful Eastbourne beach, it provides a lively setting for students keen to improve their English and immerse themselves in the UK's coastal life.

Every year, students from around the globe come to study at EF Eastbourne. Our programs offer tailored English courses, accomodation options, meal plans and an array of activities. This well-rounded approach ensures students can easily adapt to the local culture, form new friendships, and actively use their English.

Explore our collection of EF Eastbourne reviews that students from around the world have left over the years and prepare to embark on your study abroad program with confidence.

Why study in Eastbourne with EF?

Here's why you should study in Eastbourne with EF.

Global leader in international education

Refurbished Victorian campus near the world-famous Eastbourne Pier

60 years of experience in teaching English

All-inclusive package: language course, accomodation and meal plan

24/7 support, from the pre-booking stage until after you return home

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