Reviews: EF Auckland

Reviews: EF Auckland
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Looking for an English school in New Zealand?

Nestled within the captivating landscapes of New Zealand, EF Auckland serves as a hub for English language excellence, presenting a top-tier English program within one of the Pacific's most culturally vibrant and visually stunning cities. Against the backdrop of Auckland's natural marvels, EF Auckland offers immersive and dynamic programs for learners who are eager to attain fluency in English while accessing the natural beauty of New Zealand.

Every year, EF Auckland remains a top choice for students worldwide in search of an English language learning experience set amidst the heart of the Pacific. Our comprehensive array of programs includes personalized English courses, accommodation options, meal plans and an array of engaging activities. Every facet is designed to empower students to wholeheartedly embrace the local culture, foster new connections, and truly improve their English language skills.

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Why study in Auckland with EF?

Here's why you should study in Auckland with EF.

Global leader in international education

State-of-the-art renovated school in the city center

60 years of experience in teaching English

All-inclusive package: language course, accomodation and meal plan

24/7 support, from the pre-booking stage until after you return home

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