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Road Trippin’ in the USA: From Texas to New York

Road Trippin’ in the USA: From Texas to New York

Philipp & co spent the last weeks of their big bad road trip racing through the US, hitting Texas, Chicago and finally New York. From the southern charm of Dallas, to the windy shores of Lake Michigan, and finally Times Square, New York’s fast-beating heart, our road-weary crew sampled many of the things that make America so special.

The end point and crowning glory of their road trip was probably the Big Apple. Philipp says:

“Seeing New York’s impressive downtown for the first time, Max and I fell in love with the city immediately. We’ve never seen anything like it. Melodie, who had already been there before told us that it was nice, but what we saw totally exceeded our expectations. It was so much more than we’d expected.”

Some of the other highlights included: going to a rodeo show in Texas and chilling out by a campfire afterwards, soaking up a stunning sunset at Niagara Falls, admiring Chicago’s impressive skyline and awesome art, going on a leisurely stroll across New York’s famed Brooklyn Bridge (Philipp’s secret tip!), people-watching at Rockefeller Center, and meeting up with long-lost friends from EF Los Angeles. Times Square was pretty amazing as well (just check out how happy the fellas look in the picture below.)

So were the 16-hour stretches of driving and campsite showers worth it?

Seems so. Philipp says:

“Our road trip was one of the best experiences I have ever had and I can only recommend it. My time in Los Angeles and Honolulu was amazing, but in the last three weeks it feels as if I have seen so much more than only those two big cities, and it really gave me a good overview of the US and helped me understand American culture even better than before.”

Check out Philipp’s full road trip itinerary here (pretty impressive, right?!)

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