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How to document and share your travels

How to document and share your travels

It’s hard when a dream trip comes to an end and you have to unpack, get used to routines and work again, and tell and retell stories about your adventures in an attempt to really capture the journey’s true essence and share it with others. For the first two parts, you’re on your own, but for the last part, I’m here to help: Allow me to offer some tips on how to document your travels and help tell that story better.


If you’re anything like me – then you know how addictive Snapchat can be. Not only does it allow your friends and family to see what’s happening on your trip as it happens, but you can also add cool features to your snap: be it a geotag to show off the city you’re in, fun stickers, text, jokes or even a drawing.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But Martinique, Snapchat is temporary, how can I possibly use this to document my travels?” Fair question. Snapchat does actually allow you to save your photos and videos before you send them out individually, or when it’s posted in your story. And when you create many snaps to add to your story, you can create a few seconds or minute long video of your day without having to learn any fancy editing skills and can then share it with the world. Lastly, if you’re in need of some inspiration, you can always follow your favorite celebrities like Vine stars, efmoment or some EF language schools around the world.


Nothing quite captures a moment like a photo and all photographers know that you’re only as good as your last photograph. The great thing about Instagram is that it allows you to do all the editing within the app, making it look like you’re using a $500 camera. It also allows you to add locations, and you can even open various accounts to really take the themed-photography concept to a whole other level. For instance, you can document your travels along with the food you eat in a creative way or even make one that really highlights your blog, YouTube channel or both. Don’t forget those nifty hashtags to gain more followers or more exposure for your photos by adding #efmoment, #travelislife, #wanderlust or #yolo.


Speaking about blogs – if you’re reading this then you must already be aware of how great blogs can be! Travel blogs are a lifestyle (and an amazing source of inspiration) and you can find plenty of blog providers to help create a blog for free and customize it to really make your personality pop. Don’t create a blog for the sole purpose of gaining a following, try to find your own voice first and a theme to it too. Themes in general aid in guiding you to what you should be posting and adds order to what otherwise might be a billion of ideas jumbled together. As for the followers, they will follow if you’re patient and keep posting consistently awesome stuff.


Lastly, diaries or diary-like notebooks (hello, Moleskine!), are an old school item that need to make a comeback. While, yes, they can be made to be (painfully) personal, they can also be a great way to detail every aspect of what happened to you during the day. So try to remember to leave at least a good 10-15 minutes at the end of your day to write down what happened, what emotions you felt, smells you smelled and foods you devoured. As long as you don’t write details that are too intimate, you can even pass it around to your friends, family and anyone else that would be interested to see what your travels were really like. Your handwriting will only add to the authenticity and you’ll be able to have your friends read something that the majority of the world can’t.

For tips on how to ace the photography side of your trip, check out this article.

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